The once abundant fresh water industry and humanity lives on is running out. The only sustainable options are increased water efficiency and new sources of water such as desalination and recycling.

Industry is responsible for nearly 60% of fresh water withdrawals in the U.S. and in other developed countries, putting tremendous pressure on water resources which will only increase. Reverse Osmosis has become the standard technology for industrial and municipal desalination in both brackish and seawater applications, but these systems create excess brine waste, use water inefficiently and consume too much energy. Industry cannot afford to waste water or to pay for outdated treatment methods.

Desalitech’s new reverse osmosis process found in our ReFlex™ products has solved the limitations of traditional reverse osmosis, saving users up to 75% and driving payback in less than 1 year while making operations easier and more reliable.

ReFlex products are modular industrial reverse osmosis systems, skid mounted or containerized, comprised of standard reverse osmosis equipment. Maximum recovery guaranteed: 75% less water waste, 35% less energy, 100% reliable. We also offer integrated pre- and post-treatment. Request your free quote today.
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About Us

Desalitech is the premier solution provider for high-efficiency water purification. Its commercial reverse osmosis installations have run continuously for over five years in a broad range of industrial, agricultural and municipal applications. Desalitech is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, USA.
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