Charles River Pale Ale: A Brew from Desalitech & Harpoon Brewery

Boston-based craft brewer Harpoon Brewery and Desalitech have an exciting new collaboration to treat water from the Charles River to brew a new beer: Charles River Pale Ale.

“It didn’t take a long time to get to yes for this one,” Harpoon Brewery Charlie Storey said. “But it’s unique to source the water the way it’s been sourced.”

Charlie Storey, president of Harpoon, said the company was receptive to the recipe from the start because it tied together a host of things that are important to Harpoon: relying on local water resources, tapping into the community, and partnering with innovative companies.

Charles River Pale Ale will be showcased as a part of HUBWeek, a week-long celebration of creativity and innovation in October hosted by MIT, Harvard University, The Boston Globe, and Massachusetts General Hospital. The beer will be available at select HUBWeek events and the public will have opportunities to sample the beer at the Harpoon Beer Hall in the Seaport through the month of October or until supplies last.

The effort to create the beer began in August when Desalitech treated Charles River water through one of our ReFlex Reverse Osmosis units. We were able to recover 93% of the Charles River water treated, a significantly higher percentage than the industry average, while using less energy than traditional reverse osmosis systems – a hallmark of Desalitech’s innovative solutions. The result was potable, clean drinking water that was delivered to Harpoon Brewer for brewing.

“The Charles River wasn’t that much of a challenge,” Desalitech chief executive Nadav Efraty said. “It was very easy for us to treat it to a level of water product standards.”

The final product is a light-bodied, copper-colored ale with a slightly spicy, fruity hop aroma. The malt profile and hop bitterness up front leads in to a sweet, smooth, hoppy finish. The alcohol by volume is 5.2%.

“Water scarcity is a global challenge that affects millions across the world — we are proud to be a Massachusetts company that is providing solutions and making an impact here in the U.S. and beyond,” said Nadav Efraty, CEO of Desalitech. “We are thrilled to join with Harpoon Brewery to demonstrate the efficiency and high rate of recovery we can achieve when treating water from all types of sources, including the Charles River.”

Now take a look at some of the photos from this exciting brewing experience!

It was a rainy day at the Charles:

Taking a sample of river water:

That “Dirty Water”

Brewing day! Preparing for the big brew:

Desalitech team members talking with Harpoon’s Charlie Storey about the brewing process:

The first toast with Charles River pale Ale with Harpoon President Charlie Storey, Desalitech CEO Nadav Efraty, Desalitech EVP Rick Stover and Desalitech CFO Francesco Fragasso:

Now for a team picture!

Rick and Osher from Team Desaltitech can’t get enough Charles River Pale Ale in this one:

Interview with WBUR/NPR. They love that dirty water!

More folks enjoying the first tasting event. Thanks for coming!