Where’s The Value In Technology

Christopher Gasson asks whether easy scalability or a solid service proposition is the key to success for water technology companies.

Global Water Intelligence

Vol 17, Issue 8 (August 2016)

Last week I was in Boston to visit two of the hottest new water technology companies in business today: Desalitech and Gradiant Corporation. Both are essentially involved in industrial desalination, but their different strategies highlight a divide in the water business.

Desalitech has a brilliantly simple idea: rather than pump water across the surface of a reverse osmosis membrane and then throw it away, why not return the reject stream back into the feedwater? You can eject it once the salinity in the system has built up, but in the meantime you have saved the energy in the waste stream, reduced scaling and fouling, and dramatically improved the recovery rate. A US industrial water user could expect to cover the cost of a $365,000 Desalitech system in less than four months, according to the company. Not surprisingly, the systems are selling like hot cakes.